Cihan Gelerli - Illustrator and Designer

Hi! Thanks for checking out my portfolio :) I employ minimalism in my character design and illustration, and try to give the feeling and atmosphere through the use or non-use of colors :)

Right. So, a person has many aspects to them and it is very hard to get to know someone just by looking at their selected works on their website. I will tell you a secret: I am actually a 10+ years experienced game artist but I like illustration and character design better and decided to go this way with my portfolio page. My site, my rules :)

Anyways 90% of my game art is under NDAs or done under work-for-hire contracts, so I can not show them online without permission from my employers. It is very much like playing the freelancing game in hard mode. 

Other than freelancing, I really love teaching myself new things, painting with color pencils, street art, skating and sketching/drawing. I design one-off t-shirts for myself and my friends and sometimes I do some printmaking. 

I realize that it is very hard to sum yourself up like this, especially when you are doing as many things as I do, so apologies in advance if this sucks.


Long story short:


I have/am

-10+ years of freelancing experience

- kind of a generalist, but I like to focus on character design and illustration

- Open to learning new things and enjoy working on new projects.

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